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The role of a Mediator is to manage the process for the parties, to get them talking, to help them better understand the problems and to help them reach a solution that meets their needs.

The Mediator keeps the conversations going and focused. Where there is a will to address disputes constructively and creatively, mediators provide the necessary skill. However, in the end, the parties make their own mutual decision.

The function of an Arbitrator is much more akin to a trial judge. An Arbitrator listens to the evidence in an informal setting and fairly renders an outcome decision based on the facts and the law.

Details of Services

for Tim Slavin, ADR Services

I stand eager to travel anywhere in the world to be of assistance in meeting your alternative dispute resolution needs. I have facilitated ADR cases involving disputes ranging from Alabama to Wisconsin and Dallas to Philadelphia.


Although most ADR events take place in a party's law office, in addition to a local one, I also have access to many private and secure venues throughout the Midwest.


I have now conducted nearly 900 arbitration or mediation sessions. These facilitations have involved many categories of disputes, and, of course, factual scenarios- such as personal injuries or wrongful deaths involving alleged medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, agricultural mishaps, drownings, electrocutions, product and premises liability, academic fraud, civil rights matters including Title IX assertions, asbestos based mesothelioma, motor vehicle accidents, commercial disputes involving professional liability assertions, contracts, employer-employee issues, construction hassles, property tax disagreements, environmental troubles, probate difficulties, real estate problems including condemnation, zoning variances, and boundary disputes and family issues such as probate disputes, guardianship concerns, child custody and the division of marital estates.


During an arbitration I adhere to the American Arbitration Association's rules unless the parties agree to an ethical modification of any one or more of those standards.


During a mediation, I engage in both transformative and evaluative protocols. I will use both joint session and "shuttle" communication methods and stand ready to use a variety of tools to break an impasse.


I would be honored to have you avail yourself of my ADR services. Should you wish to do so, please contact me by email or phone (many duplicate buttons to do so are scattered liberally throughout these pages) to discuss availability and to answer any of your questions.


Kind Regards,

Judge Tim Slavin


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